At the Errantry Concordance: update in progress

by YWCom Admin

The Errantry Concordance started out in 2003 as DD began converting her Young Wizards project notes into digital format. Eventually this turned into a Mediawiki installation, the goal being to construct a Wiki-format encyclopedia of the Young Wizards universe up to volume 9, A Wizard of Mars.

The wiki remained in place at until just recently, when — despite regular policing by members and various attempts to make defacements impossible — spammers got at it and started filling various of the wiki’s user-facing  pages with spam links. This development in turn seems to have been instrumental in causing Google to decide that the domain had been hacked. In the process of getting this assessment reversed, we have removed the ErrantryWiki site from our servers.

DD is happy to admit that the wiki format was never really the best one for this project — as the intention was that all the contributions to the wiki would be hers, with an eye to possible future publication. Her intention now is to continue the project but in a more encyclopedia-like form, as a WordPress installation which will be configured to be secure enough that there will be no further interruptions in service. This new installation will be located at

It will take a little while to do the necessary migration and reformatting of entries. DD will be working on this project over the next couple of months and expects to be finished with it late in Q3 of 2016, at which point the Concordance will go back online. She’ll announce this on Twitter and elsewhere when it happens: and meanwhile, she and the maintenance team thank you for your patience.


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