About the Young Wizards universe

by YWCom Admin
A wizard's manual

Nearly four decades ago, a mysterious book quietly began to appear in libraries all across North America. It told a story of two ordinary kids who both suddenly discovered that magic was loose in the world. If they were willing to take a risk, and read out loud the special words in the Wizard’s Manuals they found, they could do what others around them were secretly doing — use the gift of wizardry to fight the evil Lone Power.

It was always going to be dangerous…because nobody ever finds the Wizard’s Manual by accident. You have to be the right person for the job. If you are, and you agree to take the Wizard’s Oath… in the blink of an eye, your whole world can change.

The Powers that Be fight an endless battle against the Lone Power, which once upon a time was one of Them — until It invented death. The fight against It goes on every day, in this world and many others…and young wizards like Kit Rodriguez and Nita Callahan are in the front line.

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