FantasyFaction: “So You Want To Be A Wizard”

by YWCom Admin

From FantasyFaction, November 17, 2016:

What I love most about this series isn’t the magic, though that in itself is fascinating. Diane Duane has created a system of magic which is based on science, mathematics, and precision. The mere fact that wizards are meant to slow entropy introduces us to the idea that, in this universe, science and magic can work in tandem rather than being opposed, which is a concept that I wish more writers would explore. It isn’t even the fact that Nita and Kit both have Hispanic heritage, though diversity in books is a common theme through many of my reviews. No, my absolute favorite thing about the series, and something to which I will likely return as I review the books over the next few months, is the idea at the core of the magic of this universe.


Anyone can be a wizard.

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