Not On My Patch

JD 2455501.625 / October 31, 2010:  Just another Halloween in the Young Wizards universe…

…in which even the black cats are wizardly and the neighborhood “haunted house” is full of real magic (and way too much candy). But no one was expecting the zombies, or the Attack of the Killer Pumpkins. And as for the participants’ costumes…

“I’m starting to feel like a walking wardrobe malfunction.”

“Why?” Nita said. “You look great. You heard the people at the last house, they thought you were something out of the movies! And anyway, we haven’t seen that many other pirates.”

Kit snickered. “It’s not that,” he said. “I mean, look at them…” He gestured down the cross street at some of the other trick-or-treaters making the rounds, among whom there were a lot of long overrobes, pointy hats, souped-up broomsticks, and a positive superfluity of wands. “Half the planet’s running around dressed as wizards.”

Ronan grinned one of those lazy superior grins he specialized in. “One day of the year, sure we can cut them some slack,” he said.  “Since we dress as wizards the other three hundred and sixty-four…”

Tag along with Nita Callahan, Kit Rodriguez, Ronan Nolan, and Dairine Callahan in this Young Wizards novella as they do a little overage Trick or Treating in their own neighborhood, and find themselves going up against an old adversary with a peculiar new ally…

Not On My Patch is available from Ebooks Direct, DRM-free and in multiple formats, and from Amazon in Kindle format.


Not On My Patch is also included in the print and ebook editions of the Young Wizards compendium volume Interim Errantry. You can order the paperback edition of Interim Errantry or the ebook edition DRM-free in multiple formats from Ebooks Direct or at Amazon in Kindle format.