Meet Nita and Kit

by YWCom Admin
An afternoon at Montes Carpatus

You could pass either of them in the street and never notice them. They’d look just like any other kids living in the suburbs of a big American city. Even if you stopped and talked to them, they wouldn’t seem different from anybody else. And once upon a time, they weren’t — till suddenly, without any warning, the magic came looking for them.

Nita Callahan is thirteen, a little lonely, the one the other kids call a geek and have fun beating up because she doesn’t see the point in fighting back. But she’s quick on the uptake, and has the guts to believe the incredible…so when she’s in the local library and discovers a mysterious book entitled So You Want to Be a Wizard?, she doesn’t hesitate. She takes the book home, takes the Wizard’s Oath it offers her, and within hours finds herself in the middle of the Ordeal that every potential wizard must pass.

Kit Rodriguez is small for his age, smartmouthed, tired of being picked on but kind of resigned to it…a kid who thinks that friendship mostly happens to other people. But when Kit finds the Wizard’s Manual in a used bookstore, he takes the Oath in a New York minute and gets right to work building his first spell — never suspecting how much more it’s going to give him than just what he asked for.

Together Kit and Nita will find their way into the creepy darkness of an alternate Manhattan, down into the depths of the ocean, far out into space, and to places stranger still as they practice the art of wizardry….

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