“Young Wizards: Lifeboats”: files with new covers on their way

by YWCom Admin

For those of you who may have copies of this already, just a heads-up for you. We’re giving YW: Lifeboats a new cover so that it’ll no longer look identical to Interim Errantry. (That will also have a slightly spruced-up version of its cover applied to it later this month. Those of you who have IE will already have Lifeboats as part of it.)

The store will shortly start pushing out download links for the new, re-covered ebook to its previous purchasers. There’s nothing you need to do but click on the URL in the notification email when it arrives in your mailbox: it’ll take you to the page with the URL for downloading the file. Please note that these download links have the same five-day expiry time as regular purchases. If you miss the download window, naturally we’ll refresh your link if you email us with your order info. But try not to miss it if you can, yeah? Thanking You. 🙂

So, if you want to know what happens between A Wizard of Mars and Games Wizards Play? This does. 110,000 words of it.

Thanks, all!

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