YW publication history: UK editions: Transworld / Corgi

by YWCom Admin


Transworld Books published the Young Wizards novels in the 1990s…

…in the United Kingdom, and distributed them there as well as in Canada and the Australia / New Zealand markets. The covers were in line with early US covers: not much was spent on the cover art, and the results were uneven.

Some readers have pointed out that the publication dates of these books leave open the possibility that they might have been read by J. K. Rowling. DD suggests that while this is possible, it seems unlikely: the print runs were small, and the books’ profile in the UK was not particularly high.

Transworld published the first paperback edition of So You Want to Be a Wizard under its “Young Corgi” imprint in 1991 (ISBN: 0552526452). Another printing of this edition followed in 1993 and a final one in 1995. Deep Wizardry also had a 1991 printing, and at least one in 1995 (ISBN:0552526460): High Wizardry (ISBN:0552526517) seems to have followed the same pattern. A Wizard Abroad had its first publication anywhere in a Corgi mass-market paperback edition of 1993 (ISBN: 0552527440, and was reprinted in 1995 along with the first three books.

After 1995 Corgi allowed all the books to go out of print, due to both a change of management “direction” at Transworld and to low UK sales figures.


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