At Entertainment Weekly: a very nice shout-out

by YWCom Admin

In a collection of “10 Books You’ve Probably Never Read, But Should”, the whole series is singled out. (So to speak.)

Long before J.K. Rowling rescued Harry Potter from his cupboard under the stairs, Diane Duane was writing about Nita and Kit, a couple of kid wizards who join the forces of good in their fight against the Lone Power, an entity hellbent on speeding up entropy in the universe. Over the course of 11 books and three decades (the first novel was released in 1983, and the most recent just last year), Kit, Nita, and her little sister Dairine have used Duane’s special brand of science-tinged magic in their tangles with a dragon, Martians, whale wizards, mythological figures, mercenary aliens, and even the Powers that created the universe… all while dealing with the very real hazards of growing up, like grieving a death or falling in love. — Noelene Clark



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