At “Mark Reads”: THE WIZARD’S DILEMMA, Chapter 1

by YWCom Admin

That’s such a funny word, isn’t it? Normal is always going to be relative. To people, to places, to times, to cultures, to societies. In the opening scene of The Wizard’s Dilemma, Duane challenges the notion of what’s relative by presenting us with a conversation that, to us, is utterly unreal. It seems fantastical and silly and over-the-top because Nita and her mother discuss wizardry so casually. At the same time, as readers of this series, it is utterly normal to us, perhaps one of the most “normal” moments in the series thus far. What other book could open like this, and we’d accept it completely?


“Honey, have you seen your sister?”


“She’s on Jupiter, Mom.”

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