From DD: Thanks, CrossingsCon!

by YWCom Admin

Via  DD’s Tumblr

Writing tends to be lonely work, and there are a lot of times when you’re sitting down hammering away at the page or trying to figure out exactly the right word to plug into a sentence (ideally without accidentally leaving it saying something like X and Y”…) and you find yourself wondering, at the end of the day, whether – in either the short term or the long – what you’re doing is really making a difference, or anyone’s really going to care.

I’d have to say offhand that the events of the last couple of days have given me a fairly potent antidote to such moods. And it felt strange, today, not to be hooking up the broadband to see all your smiling faces. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see them, and to chat with you (though at something with a remove), and answer some questions (I hope at least sort of satisfactorily). It was always fun, many times moving, and routinely humbling – in a very good way, believe me – to be the focus of so much good-natured attention. I look forward to getting back to work in the YW universe shortly with an eye to making sure I keep on earning (I hope) that kind of affectionate focus.

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