For both Carmela AND Kit : blue chocolate

by YWCom Admin

A French chocolatier had a brainstorm and designed chocolates that look like the blue roof tiles of Anjou…

Imagine a blue surprise composed of crisp, velvety chocolate.


This is the story of a master chocolate maker’s affectionate fascination for the noble blue slate tiles that cover the rooftops of the houses of the Anjou region of France. The inimitable Quernon d’Ardoise, made dexterously by hand according to an exclusive recipe, has been delighting young and old since 1966.


A delicate tribute to this slate and to the men who have worked with it over the centuries, this little square of fine, caramelized nougatine with almonds and hazelnuts is coated with a layer of blue chocolate. Allow this tender yet crisp delicacy to melt slowly in your mouth, or submit to the temptation to crunch it, for an unforgettable moment between heaven and earth…


In 1990, a panel of expert professionals at the Intersuc international trade show honored the Quernon d’Ardoise with a Blue Ribbon Award for its gustatory qualities and the harmony of its recipe.

You can get them here from their maker at La Petite Marquise.

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