Literally, Darling: “A Magical Addition to a Magical Series”

by YWCom Admin

It has been six years, six long years, since Diane Duane has blessed us with a Young Wizards novel, but she’s returned in full force with the tenth book in the series, Games Wizards Play. Every 11 years, wizards gather for the Invitational—an event that’s part competition, part conference, part science fair—where the youngest among them display their most cutting edge projects. Only, these projects can alter the forces of the universe, or even destroy it.

In Duane’s series, wizards cast their magic in the Speech, a language that everything in the universe can understand. A combination of persuasion, mathematical concepts, and chemistry, a spell spoken in the Speech always works, but not always in the way a wizard intends. Wizards also swear an oath to the Powers That Be to help those in need and to do no harm. Their oath necessitates their willingness to battle the Lone Power—the one who created entropy, pain, and death, and set them loose.

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